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Monday, January 20, 2014

What Will Be Different?

As soon as I revive my blog, I take a "mental health" weekend... makes sense, right? Eh... Sometimes you just need time to recharge & avoid the interwebz & all that goes along with it.


How will I treat my blog differently this time around?  It would be nice to say I have a gameplan for it, but well... I don't.  I do know how I will treat it (& myself!) differently than I did, when I had it previously.

No more all day, errrday

I am not having blog e-mails forwarded to my phone.  I know.  I know.  I will check my emails when I log in, on my laptop- that includes blog comments, too!  I just find that it becomes overwhelming & can almost just take over your day- & I'm not about that life!

Must.  Post.  Daily.  At.  8.  AM.  EST.

Well... that was my theory.  It makes blog posts feel forced & annoying.  I will aim to post daily, just because I really truly loooovvvveeee blogging & writing in general- but I can't make myself feel forced to do it.


I connected with quite a few women, my last go-around- I want to do the same this time!  A lot of people either aren't blogging anymore, or are blogging less frequently, so I really need to make an effort to get to know new people, too!  I'm really excited about that!


Things were, well, different 2 years ago in the blogosphere... So, I'll have to get used to the changes again.  Not to say it's good or bad- I just need to adapt to using Bloglovin a bit more, I think!

I really do think it's important for every blogger to feel like their blog is... well... THEIRS.  & that means adapting it (& their blogging style, really) to accommodate their life & make them happy.

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