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Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Back...

HIIIIIII I MISS BLOGGING OMG IT'S BEEN LIKE TWO YEARS. that I got that out of the way, hi!  If you don't remember me, I'm sorry- & I don't blame you.  If you do remember me, hi!

Yes, I did delete all of my old posts- there were some very... personal... feelings within them, & rather than go through them all, I deleted them, as this blog will probably be more open to my family & friends.

Regardless- I did a blog makeover, & I wanted to say hi to you all.  So... hi!  I miss y'all!

As for the new (ok not really) direction of this blog? I'll be posting everyday(ish), back to a lot of my old things- random thoughts, attempts at inspiration, doggie posts, all along those lines.  Also maybe leaning towards some minor DIY, my bargainista ways, etc... but I don't want to pigeon-hole anything, because Lord knows my mind changes more than the weather in Kentucky.

Sooooo... welcome back to my journey!


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  1. Hey girl!!! So excited to see you back. You got married?!? Congrats!


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